Celebration on Surya Saptami

Title                     :        Celebration on Surya Saptami

Date                     :        7th February, 2022

Time                     :        10:30 a.m.

Venue                   :        IISU Ground

Total Strength     :        60

The Sports Board and Department of Physical Education of the IIS (deemed to be) University, Jaipur celebrated Surya Saptami on 7 February, 2022. The occasion was initiated with the motivational speech by Shri Prasad Mahankar, Sangathan Mantri, Akhil Bhartiya Krida Bharti on the topic “Life Without Medicine”. He elaborated the importance of Yoga in daily lives and educated everyone about the medicinal effects of Yoga. According to him, performing Yoga Asanas daily keeps the body healthy by boosting immunity and eliminates the need of consuming medicines. After that, Shri Megh Singh Chauhan, Rajasthan State Co-coordinator, led the technical as well as the non-technical staff of the university to perform Surya Namaskar. The event concluded with Hasya Yoga and immersed a lot of positive energy in the entire crowd.